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Deep Blue to Re-Design top Acoustic consultant Menlo Scientific's website

Menlo Scientific Website redesign

Deep Blue has worked on many projects with Menlo Scientific over the years, so we were delighted to take on board the redesign of their website. Not only was great to be working with such a talent as Mike Klasco, but it was also a challenge to accurately convey what it is that Menlow does. As the acoustic physicist behind the acoustics for such flagship products as Beats by Dre, X Box, OPPO PM-1, Sirin Mobile, Apple Computer, Intel, Mophie and countless others, they are one of the world's leading teams in acoustics and acoustic engineering for headphones, speakers, earbuds, smart phones, laptops etc. and their work cannot be faulted. The challenge was 'how do we explain what menlor Scientific does on the inside of a product without it becoming a technical engineering paper (Not very interesting to look at) and without eclipsing the products themselves, that are classic pieces. We decided on the use of xrays, to show the outer and inner at the same time. This is an idea we have had for some time, and as with all great ideas, they arent always usable when you have them. Deep Blue has been siting on this one for about 15 years, so it was great to finally give it the right home.

If you get a chance, check out the new design:

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