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We finally got our hands on the OPPO Sonica Grand (black)

The OPPO guys will never release a piece without being completely happy with it, deadline or no deadline, they strive for absolute excellence and they always achieve it. So after a long wait we are extremely happy to get our hands on one of the early samples of the Sonica Grand units and it doesn't disappoint. When working with OPPO we are constantly surprised and delighted by their attention to detail and quality through every aspect of development, so designing for them is not only a joy, but an absolute pleasure. With this unit, the team pushed to do things right, the way they should be, without compromise and that translates into every aspect of the product. From a design point of view, the compound curved back of the unit pressed from a single thick sheet of aluminum is exquisite and the material quality carries the quality of the design. Acoustically it doesn't disappoint either, the sound is outstanding and for such a small box, it fills a room in a way something 3 times the size does. The ability to alter it's acoustics depending on where it is placed in a room is revolutionary and the different presets really alter the output to different tastes. Overall the unit is remarkable and retains OPPO's ability to create tasteful, sophisticated designs that sit comfortably within a room and blend seamlessly with a lifestyle. This is another example of a great manufacturer knocking it out of the park. We look forward to working with OPPO in the near future. 

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