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Deep Blue Shortlisted in the Zhejiang, Hangzhou Museum Awards

Ever now and then, we are asked to participate in something unusual and when the project really appeals to us, we take up the offer. The brief was to use several different artifacts from the museum to create pieces for the museum shop. 

Very aware of museums limited budgets, small unit orders and need for low cost manufacturing, we did what a lot of museums do and limited ourselves to simple processes that do not require expensive  tooling and can be easily produced in small numbers. Printing, cloth cutting, silk screening, and stamping being the most commercially viable. 

The important thing for us was keeping thing commercially viable and also fun gift items to purchase in the museum shop (we even considered the weight a fragility of taking it home afterwards!) 

So, we were happy to hear that several of the pieces were shortlisted by the jurors and recognized for their creativity and appropriate resolution of the design brief and the museums problems.

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