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Professor David Waterman, our Founder, Judges the Chinese Red Star Design Awards in Beijing

We are very happy to announce that during the last few days, our Founder, was in Beijing for the final screening of the Red Star Design Awards. Of the awards, Prof. Waterman said, ‘the entries into the awards were extremely good and they show the experience and diversity of design in China. Several of the top awards went to products that are at the highest level of design and execution. Over the two days of judging we reviewed over 188 entries that had been shortlisted from thousands of hopefully applicants. The results are a testament to how quickly Design is growing and improving. Rapidly in the region. The companies we saw are at the top of their field and not only is it encouraging to see, but it’s getting to a point where you have to have an experienced design arm to your business in China in order to compete. The more experience and respect within the company a design team has, the more successful the companies are. It’s no longer ok to be an ODM manufacture, to produce me too goods or to use Design as a cosmetic add on. In order to compete with other Chinese companies, Design is a critical component of success.

Prof. Waterman joins the elite ranks that are made up by likes of Jeroen Raijmakers (Global Design Director of Philips Healthcare), Duncan Trevor Wilson (Global Design Director GE Healthcare), Harald Leschke (Head of Mercedes Benz), Robert Sachon (Global Design Director Bosch), Christian Schwamkrug (Design Director Porsche Design Studio), Carl Liu (VP Design NIU Technologies), Chang Donghoon (Senior VP Samsung), Peter Zec (Red Dot), Ralph Wiegmann (iF Design Awards), He Renke (Prof School of Design Hunan University), Toshiyuki Kita (Chairman of G-Mark Japan) Chen Dongliang (Director of Beijing Design Institute) and Michael Young.

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